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Allotment Guidelines

Through our outstanding sales force we are committed to bringing you the finest union made uniforms right to your work location. Convenient, fast, reliable service is our commitment to our postal customers. Our uniform bonus program allows you to take advantage of receiving the most for your full allotment. Call us or see our sales representative for a special bonus. We provide excellent service before, during and after the sale!

A.M.E.'s Full Allotment Bonus Program




Carrier - New $571 $628
Carrier - Veteran $464 $510
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) - New $464 $510
CCA (City Carrier Assistant) - 2nd Voucher $464 $510
Clerk - New $235 $259
Clerk - Veteran $209 $230
MVS - New $600 $660
MVS - Veteran $487 $536
APWU Work $94/97 $103/106
APWU Custodial Maintenance $179/187 $197/205
APWU Vehicle Maintenance $226/238 $249/261
NPMHU Work $92 $101
NPMHU Contract $168 $185

Note: Allotment amounts listed above are for employees whose uniform anniversary date is after 5/21/2020. Your annual allotment may be lower.

Allotment Card: We recommend that you call Citibank toll free at 800-287-5003 to verify your allotment balance and anniversary date.